I just cannot get 'All Stories' on iPad 2nd/3rd Gen

Added a screenshot of recent version of newsblur on my iPad 2.

While I’m commuting, I would like to skim through all stores to pick few worthy stories. I’ve been trying various ways (like chaning WiFi to tethering, re-installing, and login/out) to get ‘all stores’ feed shown on iPad but no use at all.

Any help?


Do you see the stores in the individual feeds? They should also show if you tap “ALL STORIES” on the main screen, something like this:

Nicholas Riley//

I wish my issue could be resolved simply like you suggested. I don’t have clue, but it just doesn’t. Here is a screenshot when I click a site.

See? it works fine on one site, and that is not the case for “All stores”. Plus, it seems that your newsblur for ios version seems different than that of what I have on my iPad. (look at the layout).

My iPad 2 runs on iOS 7.1 with latest newsblur app on it.

I am talking about the screen you get when you first open NewsBlur. You can get back to it by tapping “All Sites” at top left, or swiping right from the left edge of the screen, in the screenshots you posted.

If you would prefer to have an article list at the left side of the screen even in portrait orientation then drag the splitter bar down to the bottom of the screen and it will appear there; personally, I prefer the layout that you have posted.

This seems like it may still be a bug in the NewsBlur iOS app, but I am not entirely sure; I have not seen anything like it.

What’s your username? I can find the feed that is causing the issue. Although, to be honest, I’d like to see if it will go away on its own tomorrow, when the feed that caused it should trim its own broken stories.

Nicholas Riley //

Do you see “ALL STORIES” on the second tab from the top left corner of your screenshot? That’s the one that causes the problem with me. While you’ve seen something, I ain’t seen nothing during the 1st year of my subscription.

Samuel Clay//
Thanks for having interest in my case. My username is “stkim1” and have subscribed something like 900-ish sites so far. If you could dig into my case, I’m sure you can find some very interesting bugs.

Looking forward.

Same problem, is with ipad and chrome app and firefox. username: thebudac



Looks like this is a server-side problem from what Samuel is posting. I have many many fewer than 900 sites so that sounds like a good place to start. Do you see anything in All Site Stories on the NewsBlur Web site?

Nicolas Riley//

I occasionally bumped into the same kind of problem on the webapp a while ago. Nowadays, things are just more than fine except “All stories” does not show every feed from every site. But that’s another thing for another day.

Has any1 been assigned and dug into this issue yet?

Stkim1, your account looks fine to me. I can login and read All Stories in both Oldest and Newest first order.

I have a similar problem on iPad when I try to read stories in a certain category on my account. It has something like 400+ feeds in it (though usually no more than 10-15 stories are published per day), so it seems to be cranky when I try to load that many feeds at once.

No other category has a similar problem, and I don’t have this problem on my iPhone.

400 feeds are no problem at all. Even 1,000 are fine. It’s a bug that will work its way out of the system 30 days from introduction, which looks to be about 16 days ago. I’m happy to fix any account, I just need usernames and the offending folder.

This keeps happening. sometimes it works but usually All Stories is just blank even if I select a story from the list in the bottom pane.

Is that 30 days counter for everyone? Or just for the accounts that get fixed?


Sorry no luck for me. Newsblur 4.0.3. iOS 7.1 (11D167)

Just 6 mins ago.

I logged into your account on the iPad and it looks like it works fine.

P.S. If you want me to take down the image (or would prefer to continue over email), use samuel@newsblur.com. I figured this screenshot doesn’t show much personal detail, but I realize this can be sensitive.