I imported my feeds from Google Reader, and went premium, but now my dash is telling me I'm on a free account.

I upgraded to premium yesterday. When I logged in today, my account is listed as free and I have the free limits.

When I click the ‘Contact’ button, I get directed to a twitter feed, which I can’t DM. Who can I contact to resolve this issue?

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What’s your username?

So you have two accounts: unreadchris and lysander. You paid for the unreadchris account but logged in with the lysander account.

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Weird! I thought I only had the one, as they’d both go to the same email address.

Yeah, I could probably do a better job of disambiguating when two accounts share the same email.

A “you might already have an account” if the email is the same, or when logging in with the email, offer a choice between the two.

Is it possible to close out the free one so that I go to the premium account regardless of whether I use my username or email address?

Go ahead and log in as the account you don’t want and delete it. Manage > Account > Erase