I haven't been able to reach Newsblur on MacOS for a week

I’m not sure what’s up but every time I try to connect to https://www.newsblur.com on my Mac laptop, I get an error that says “Safari can’t open the page … because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server…”

I’m on a Windows laptop right now, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to post this. This has been going on for about a week. Any ideas?

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What version of macOS are you running? It’s likely it doesn’t support TLS 1.3. See if hwww.newsblur.com or dwww.newsblur.com work. The first shouldn’t but the second should.

Thanks for replying. I’m running MacOS 14.3. I assumed that did support TLS 1.3 by default but is it something I need to fix? You’re right, your first link hwww doesn’t work, dwww does work.

It’s a work computer with security software on board so my first guess was that the problem involved that but I’m still early on in troubleshooting so I don’t know.

Ok, I just enabled TLS 1.2. Let me know how that works.

Works great. Thank you!