I have sites in my feed that I didn’t subscribe to, and I can’t delete them

I only subscribe to ~20 sites and it’s been the same ones for a long time, and there’s 3 sites in my feed now that I never subscribed to and can’t delete. If I go to “manage sites”, select the sites I didn’t subscribe to, then click delete, the UI says it’s deleted them then refreshes and they’re still there.

They’re extremely random too, nothing I’d ever visit let alone subscribe to.

What are the site names/urls and your username? I’d love to take a look.

Username is ‘sen’, and the sites are:

Oddly enough I just noticed they’re only showing up in the iOS app and not on desktop. I’ve tried deleting them multiple times in the app now and they just keep coming back.

They do show up in my exported OPML as well though.

Ok, we’ll get them taken care of.