I have "ghost feeds" that I can't see or get rid of in the main app.

I didn’t notice this until I got into the Unread beta, but there’s three feeds popping up there that I used to be subscribed to but no longer am. I looked in the OPML export and none of them showed up. These feeds do not show up at all in Newsblur proper. I noticed today when checking out the new “mute feeds” button that 41/38 feeds were selected and decided to finally ask about this. Normally I’d just let it slide, but one of the feeds is the Reddit front page feed and it’s obnoxious to the point where I don’t even use Unread anymore because of all the inane stories clogging my feed. I think I was once subscribed to these back in the Google Reader days. Is there any way to get rid of these?


Sure is, what’s your username? I can add in all of your orphaned feeds. I should just turn this on by default.

Thanks! My username is tannerdactyl.

Would you please clean up my account WDenda, too? I see randomly articles belonging to previously removed feeds, like chinagadgets. Thank you.

Both of your accounts added a few orphaned feeds. You should be able to delete them successfully now.

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Hello, I seem to have a Ghost Feed too, I unsubscribed from Icanhascheeseburger but when I log it it appears at the top of my feed list but I don’t have the option to unsubscribe. My username is galoot.

Hi Penny, I took a look and couldn’t find the ghost feed. Can you post a screenshot (or email samuel@newsblur.com) so I can see what you see?

Sure, it seems to happen only when I first open the page each day - thanks for taking a look