I can no longer open links in Safari on my iPad. Help!

On the new version, I can no longer do this on my Ipad (although I can still do it on my PC). I use this feature when I want to copy an image from a link. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


What version of iOS are you running? Do you know if you upgraded to iOS 6?

I’m having this issue as well - when viewing a page in the onboard browser, the open-in-Safari button at bottom right reacts to taps, but doesn’t trigger any actions.

This is an iPad Mini running 6.1.3.

My IOS is 6.1.3.

In Newsblur, when I click to bring up the full article, it will come up. There are two icons on the lower right corner. One is the refresh button, which works. But the other icon, a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it, does not work so I am not able to open in Safari.

What can I do? Thanks.

Ahh, that button broke for the ipad. It’s fixed and has been in the App Store review queue for 3 days. It should be out tomorrow by my estimate.