I am a subscriber to the WSJ, but I can't get their feed

As the title says, I have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and I would like to get their feed on Newsblur, but I am not having any luck. Any ideas? Thank you.

have you formatted the feed address with the login information correctly?

Sorry, I am a new user and did not know about this. What is the format or can you direct to where I can find the info. Thanks!!

well that was odd. my previous post had the link, but it stripped it out at some point.

Using whatever web browser you use for BOTH Newsblur and the WSJ, log into the WSJ site.
Make sure you do not have some web plugin that deletes cookies, make sure your login credentials are saved in the browser

Edit newsblur to add the following RSS feeds


etc, if you want their other RSS feeds. You can search for them on the WSJ site.

It will then pull the headlines for the WSJ stories in Newsblur. You will still have to click on the headlines to open the story in question.