HTML5 and WAI-AREA support at Text bookmark

Hi dear Newsblur’s support,

I’m writing to because LiveJournal’s users reported us about problem with LiveJournal’s RSS feeds they had got using Newsblur.

Our users could see strange text insted of post’s text

We investigated and found out this:

  • the problem appears only at Newsblur’s Text bookmark
  • the strange text is the only text in a source of LiveJournal that wrapped in DIV element, not ARTICLE, HEADER or FOOTER. It looks like the reader ignores WAI-AREA attributes too.

Could you take a look? What about supporting HTML5 tags or WAI-AREA attributes for displaying feed at Text bookmark?

Natasha Arefyeva
Head of Development

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You got it. Thanks Natasha! I added support for the article tag when reading in the Text view.

it works but not always, we suppose because ARTICLE is ignored here:

def score_node(self, elem):
content_score = self.class_weight(elem)
name = elem.tag.lower()
if name == “div”:
content_score += 5
elif name in [“pre”, “td”, “blockquote”]:
content_score += 3
elif name in [“address”, “ol”, “ul”, “dl”, “dd”, “dt”, “li”, “form”]:
content_score -= 3
elif name in [“h1”, “h2”, “h3”, “h4”, “h5”, “h6”, “th”]:
content_score -= 5
return {
‘content_score’: content_score,
‘elem’: elem

Since you’re in the code, “article” is in the ‘positiveRe’.

Ok )))
I’ll ask another way ) How make it works for small posts, like this one?
could you take into consideration the attribute role=“main” ?

Samuel, any hope with that?