How to view posts from muted feeds on Android?

I’ve muted some of my feeds. On web and on iOS, when I click on a muted feed, it shows me all of the posts in that feed. But when I tap on a muted feed on Android in the same way, I just see a message saying “Feed is muted” with a world icon and I can’t see any of the posts. Why is that? Is there a way to view posts from a muted feed on Android?

Yep, it’s in the upcoming beta. If you’d like to opt in, just go to the Play Store and join the beta channel for NewsBlur. Then you’ll see your muted feeds in the All Feeds view. If you don’t care to use the beta, it should launch I believe first week in June.

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Oh shoot, you’re right, it shows a message it shouldn’t. Will get that fixed soon, here’s the ticket:

This has been improved in the NewsBlur Android app’s open beta, v11.0 beta 5.