How To Use NewsBlur and Benefit from IT ?!!

How to use newsblur ?! I mean what is the benefit of it…?! Sorry I may sound Fool but yes I have a Premium Membership This is My Second Year…But I never happened to use it at its optimum…or better to say…I even havent touched it…as I have no clue at all how can I benefit and exploit my premium membership for my betterment…Can I Get Automated Content to my own website via Newsblurr ?!

Is there any monetary module that I can follow which can monetize my premium membership…I mean can any one give some Idea…how can I make few Dollars via this strong site…?!!


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Isn’t it all about efficiently gathering information from the net (and not about gathering money)?


I know its about gathering information brother, I asked out of curiosity that after gathering that info how you use it…?! What is the next step ?

I am newbie to IM World…and have really invested a huge amount on INFO Products…Newsblur Membership is one of that…and so I just want to know what and how shall I be using Newsblur…

I do remember more than a year back…or around the period when I joined newsblur…I had raised some questions and got the reply from the founder at that time… What I asked to him is…a series of help and tutorials…I am a 3d Animator…the way I can get end no. of video tutorials that teaches how to use MAYA or 3DMax…

I am stuck even with the ui of this site…I have no clue where to go…!!!

I am not blaming Newsblur…I know its a potentially great service…The Only thing is " I am ignorant to exploit its real powers…!! How can I take content that is generated at newsblur to my site…

if I create my own blog and want to post contents from newsblur to my site how to achieve that…

I think the creator of Newsblur must create a video series a walkthrough that teaches various features…of Newsblur…


What is Newsblur Blog ?!!

How to Create that Blog ?!!

Please some one good at newsblur please please help me…

Sorry - only time for a quick reply:
If you share a story it will be shown on your NewsblurBlog.

You can find your Blurblog here:

Share some stories and you will see how it works:…