How to unmute a site

I muted a site I’d like to now unmute. I don’t see this function right away when I right click the folder, which is how I muted it in the first place. How do you do it?

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“Settings -> Mute sites” let’s you manage all your muted and unmuted feeds.

Cool thanks - where is that “settings”?

It’s the settings cog at the bottom left of the screen (also the top right of the dashboard).

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I’ve just pushed out a nice big change to the dashboard to make the Manage Menu ever-present and easier to use.


I don’t have a Mute option from the settings cog (I’m running the web version, not the app)

At least on the web and iOS, Mute Sites should have the same icon and title, and be available from the main settings cog for NewsBlur.