How to turn off comments.

I don’t need comments and there appears to be no way to turn them off. I hope I’ve missed the option because otherwise you’ve ruined an otherwise excellent service.


I would like to take it one step further and add an option to completely disable the “social” aspect of NB.


Or at least a way to turn off comments from people I don’t even know!

While I appreciate your work in other threads, I think your name NewsBlur Helper might be a bit misleading, as this criticism looks like it’s coming from us when in fact it’s not.

I’ll be adding an option to hide public comments soon. It used to be in but I removed it before shipping. We have only a couple weeks left of a hard push to get blurblogs to the point where it’s a viable social news site, so our focus is on getting the new blurblog dashboard up and running.

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Though I look forward to this being a part of Newsblur proper, (in particular since those with a premium account paid for an RSS service rather than a «social» RSS service), I’ve written a user script that hides all of the new social features of newsblur as a temporary hack.

The user script is available from:…
(installation instructions for various browsers:…)

As for killing of the actual blurblog, you can at least render it useless (as I have made mine: Select Profile -> Blurblog, enter a title as you see fit, and then use custom CSS to hide everything: html,body,div { display:none; visibility:hidden; }

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Is there any update on this? I really don’t enjoy seeing people trying to be witty underneath webcomics.

Preferences -> Stories -> Only from friends.

I have that set and I still see the occasional comment, so I assume it’s not quite working how it should.

Thanks, that did the trick for me!

Same here, not working reliably and not working in the iOS clients.

I’d rather not turn off all public comments, but would love a simple little “mute” button to hide commenters that detract from the experience. Is that a possibility?

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