How to tag saved stories and get the RSS feed address

I just signed up for a premium account, but it isn’t reflected on the web client. My username is “peteschaffner”. Thanks in advance for your help!

Today it looks like the problem worked itself out, but now I’m faced with a new one: I can’t figure out how to tag items or to get the RSS feed address for a saved search.

I would like to have a RSS feed of all items in my saved stories section so that I can subscribe (kinda recursive I know) to see them in the Reeder client.

Saved story tags have an RSS feed which you can access by right-clicking on the saved story tag feed in the feed list and opening Tag Settings. There you’ll see the RSS feed.

Saved searches don’t have RSS feeds, but I can see that being a premium pro feature in the future.

Thanks for your reply Sam. I’m probably missing something glaringly obvious, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to tag a story to begin with. I don’t see any options in the item context menus, and can’t find any mention of tags anywhere else in the UI.