How to show stories list only on iPad

Hi there -

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’ve been using Newsblur on my Android phone for quite a while and just recently bought an iPad Mini, mainly for reading news.

My usual workflow on Android is to have a full screen showing the list of stories, scroll through them saving the ones that I’m interested in reading, and then marking the rest of them as read.

On my iPad Mini, I can’t seem to figure out how to show the list of stories across the full screen in portrait mode. Try as I might, the best I can do is to have a two column layout, with the list of stories on the left column and the right hand side of the screen is cropped text from one particular article. My problem with that layout is that I don’t see nearly as much information in the stories list as I would if that list spanned the entire width.

I have to assume I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to find any setting that resolves this. Please help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to see a screenshot of the Android app in your preferred configuration. I think last year’s big iPad redesign gives the iOS app an advantage in terms of customizability, so I’m pretty sure we can get to where you were. Definitely play with the 2/3/auto settings.

Sure thing, here’s a screenshot of the article list from my Samsung tablet. I’d just like a simple layout like that.

In fact, my favorite articles list layout is the one employed by the Unread app on iOS. I love the minimalist style and the combination of text colors used there. But unfortunately, that app lacks a lot of the features that I love on Newsblur. Although Newsblur certainly has tons of customization options, I do wish there was a way to fine tune the text font, color, and size options for individuals elements of the article list (e.g., title, preview text, source, etc).

And in contrast, here are a couple of screenshots for how the article list looks on my new iPad.

You can get a full-width story list on iPad but only if you split it vertically with the story display, as below (the “Top” and “Bottom” options in the left gear menu).

I can see if you have a smaller iPad screen like you do that you might not want this to split at all but just behave more like a large phone screen.

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying, but really I just want a single screen instead of a split screen. And you’re right that on an iPad Mini, a split screen doesn’t really work well.

Speaking of the iPad mini, even setting the font size to XL, the article text is really small!