How to share arbitrary URL to blurblog from iOS?

Is there a way to share a URL to your blurblog via mobile app?

There have been a few times I’ve wanted to do this but didn’t see a way in the interface.

Sorry if this has already been answered, I could’t find it.


You can’t. There is a bookmarklet for this purpose, but it only works on the web.

Then consider this a feature request :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response.

I’d like to see this happen as well. This is the only thing keeping me from fully utilizing my BlurBlog. I’m not a developer, but I’m wondering of someone can create a small android app that could substitute? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Agreed, this is something I still regularly wish for.

I still wish this existed every couple of days. My current workaround is to save to Instapaper, open my saved article feed and run insta-fetch, and then share but that’s pretty tedious.

I’ve many times wished for this option in the iOS and Android share sheets. I end up saving things to pinboard specifically for when I’m at the web interface.

Is this on a schedule anywhere? I hit this fairly frequently and the save to Instapaper, refresh, share workflow is pretty cumbersome.

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+1 Please enable newblur to be a sharing target the same way that every other social app is.

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