How to reorder folders?

Is there a way to reorder folders manually? Neither “alphabetical” nor “most used” are good enough to get my priorities right. Perhaps drag-and drop on the left pane was causing usability problems; what about having a separate preference page for this operation?


I’m a recent newbie Newsblur user, and I had the same question. I got round it by some renaming of folders and combining my important (top of the list) folders into new parent folders.

All the same, I would like to have the option of overriding the A-Z ordering.

This post apparently is a duplicate. The developer suggests numbering the folders to reorder them:

01 - News
02 - Tech
03 - Sports


Not very elegant but I can live with it.

I have several folders and then just some random feeds. The folders are listed at the bottom and I would prefer them to be at the top. I numbered the folders as suggested above but they’re still at the bottom. So, do I have to have everything in a folder for this system to work?

The way Newsblur sort things is the opposite of pretty much everything else, folders last so sites not in a folder will always show above your folders.

Of course, there is a pretty simple solution, make a folder and call it Miscellaneous and put all the sites that doesn’t fit another folder in it and the give it a higher number than the rest of the folders.