How to Prevent Accidental Horizontal Scrolling Between Original,Feed, Text, Story

Is their anyway to disable inadvertently switching between original, feed, text, story views. My touchpad settings does not allow me to disable horizontal scrolling. If I am reading a feed, if my finger just hovers over the touchpad while the cursor is at the top, NewsBlur switches views from feed to stories inadvertently. Windows8, Firefox Browser, Elan Smart Pad.

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Horizontal scrolling is disabled, unless your browser is doing something I haven’t seen before. Are you hitting the left/right arrow keys by any chance? Those switch views.

No, I am not hitting the arrow keys, My touchpad does not allow me to disable horizontal scrolling. If I accidentally, lightly, swipe across the touchpad horizontally while scrolling vertically, the view switches from feed, to stories, etc. It is very frustrating. I am switching from Google Reader and have tried every major reader. I like NewsBlur the best aside from this one annoyance. I spent yesterday searching for way to disable this via my Elan Smart Pad settings to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Saw this from 9 months ago:…