How to manually let newsblur get money from my creditcard

I see in my creditcard details that I didn’t have enough money on it when newsblur wanted the $24 dollar. I have now added some money to it but how can I tell newsblur to get it now?
“17/03/2014"Purchase $24.00 NEWSBLUR PREMIUM SAN FRANCISCOUS -€17.64”

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What’s the last line? I mean, does it actually say that charge failed?

If you think it failed by looking at the paid amount, it cost me 17,80€ on 13/3, so it seems fine.

(Ignore my comment if it says it failed.)

It says failed in red.

Did NewsBlur credit you even though the payment failed? If so, don’t worry about it until next year. If not, you’ll be able to re-up when your subscription expires. You’ll get an email when that happens. If you have your current credit card details in, you should be fine when that happens.

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I don’t think I got charged because I just had too little money on it. It is a prepaid creditcard. But I understand that when newsblur needs the money I just get an email? I don’t want to suddenly be without newsblur and I wouldn’t want to cheat you out of your well earned money.