How to make newsblur as default RSS reader in chrome?


I am using google chrome and I would like to make Newsblur as my default RSS reader. I use chrome’s RSS subscription extension and when I try to add it asks for a URL(please check the attached pic for the screen shot). Can some one guide what would be the URL to add. I tried different combinations but nothing worked out. This would be a great relief to add new sites into newsblur.

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Check Manage > Goodies. There a URL you can give to Chrome.

That URL is:…

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Thanks a lot Samuel for your quick reply.
It works like charm…


after pasting in that URL, the option to save is still grayed out…

also confused by what you mean by goodies

Goodies is in NewsBlur, not Chrome. That’s just where Samuel hides the URL. Don’t use…. Instead use

wonderful, that did the trick!