How to get The Verge full articles by default?

What I want is to have full text of The Verge articles vs. the shortened version they have in the rss feed.

I can get that by manually switching from “FEED” to “TEXT” in the upper bar. This, however, does not persist so I have to re-do it every time I visit that feed.

Q1. How can I switch a given rss feed to full articles permanently?

I though that Reading View “STORY” in per-site “View Settings” would do it but it doesn’t. Should it?

Q2. Why isn’t “TEXT” option offered as persistent, per-feed setting?

The feed is

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The Verge has somehow made their feed in that way so you could see the FULL article only on their website

Thanks, but that doesn’t answer my question.

NewsBlur clearly has the capability to extract full text with “TEXT” switch.

I’m asking how to make it persistent.

Under Preferences, the gear icon at the bottom of the left-hand column, there is a Feeds tab where you can make “Stories” the default, and a Stories tab where you can tell it not to truncate the stories and whether to show comments.

Use this:

Thanks bill, that works. They’ve hidden that feed pretty well.

Indeed. Can’t recall how I located it.

Is there a list of blogs that have this hidden full type RSS feed?

I would love to get this for:

Engadget Alt
Redmond Pie
Gamasutra News
Penny Arcade Reports
Ars Technica
Wired (Top Stories)