How to do Keyword Searches?

Is it possible to do keyword searches of a specific topic inside Newsblur, i.e., the word, “construction,” or the word, “genesis?” If it is, how is it done? Thank you :wink:

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Sure is, use the search feature. It’s in the top right of every feed or folder. You can even save your searches to have them show up in your feed list.

Thanks, Clay. OK, now I understand that.

Now, I imagine that it’s true that if I don’t find a keyword by searching a feed or folder, then it doesn’t exist anywhere in that feed or folder at that time.

So I’d then figure that to create a feed of a keyword I want, I first gotta find a URL or RSS feed which has that keyword  ~~ outside Newsblur. Then add it. Right?

Yep, it’s only searching feeds you are subscribed to. I technically have built a global search mechanism, but it’s awfully slow and I can’t really have a ton of people using it. 

Thanks, Clay.  In my world I wish you could scale that global search mechanism up, and it would be easily sustainable for you.

Why? I’m in pre-production for my new talk magazine broadcasts. I love finding stories and leads on my terms. For example, searching the terms 'consciousness’ or 'nonlocal consciousness will net me a very different catch because of a subtle but important distinction.

The largest media ~ the usual suspects among TV and radio networks sell thrice-used feedlot manure. They want us to eat the manure, and like it. Nope. Not ever.

When there are tools which can search everywhere for topics and keywords, I don’t even visit websites whose main product is the sensation of fear, like CNN, CBS and NBC.