How to disable "All Site Stories" panel?

More often than not, the “All Site Stories” panel is filled with tweets from LAST YEAR.  The last thing I need from newsblur is last year’s twitter turds. “All Site Stories” is like a giant banner ad that is trying to convince me that newsblur sucks (which it doesn’t!).  How do I disable or hide “All Site Stories”?  Thanks!

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If you use adblock, then add the following rule:

DIV[class="NB-module NB-module-river"]

I just pushed out a fix for the dashboard so that it will no longer show old stories. Sorry about that!

For posterity, privoxy users can hide unwanted UI elements with a filtering rule.

First, add lines to user.filter to define the desired substitutions:

FILTER: newsblur-river-and-banner-ad-hide
# Hide "view river":
s@(div class="NB-view-river")@$1 style="display:none"@Ug
# Hide turntouch banner ad:
s@(div class="NB-module NB-module-turntouch")@$1 style="display:none"@Ug

Then activate the filter by adding lines to user.action:

{ +filter{newsblur-river-and-banner-ad-hide}}

Not saying it’s the best solution, but “works for me”. :\

How about a fix that disables the “all site stories” panel altogether?

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