How to delete NewsBlur account

I would like to delete my NewsBlur account; are there directions available on how to do so?


Would also like information to delete my account.

Log in, press the cog in the lower left corner, choose Account and press Delete my account at the bottom.

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How do I terminate my account if I am currently on the waiting list for a free account? I do not see a settings menu.

Which cog

What cog??

You should see bottom left the following:

  • All Unread Focus

to the right of these is the cog symbol which if you left click will bring up a menu.

click on Account and this will give you a popup, inside which is an option to delete your account.

There is no any cog symbol at the bottom of the site page. Firefox+Win if it’s matter.

I don’t see any “Delete my account” button, only “erase yourself”. I did that but my account is still there. How do I delete it?

It’s under “erase yourself”. You might have to scroll down.