How To delete a blog feed

I know that this must be NewsBlur 101, but I cannot find a way to delete a blog feed fro my list. The blog is no more.

Help please? Thank you !

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I usually ‘right-click’ on the feed and choose “Delete this site”. That seems to work.

But if you are using another interface than the browser I do not know.

Good idea, but I should have added that I use a mac - so no right click for me

Have you tried the MAC equivalent of right-click?

I am not familiar with MAC, but a quick search tells me that maybe holding CTRL and then clicking will do the same thing. (i.e. bring up contextual menus)

Eureka! you solved it!
By holding control and clicking a small arrow appears to the left of the blog title and allows you access to another dialogue box where “delete this blog” is an option !

Thank you so much! I am most appreciative!