How to comment on an article

This seems like a dumb questions…but how do I comment on an article? I see other people’s comments and there is a “Reply” button, but how do I reply to the whole article? Not just to a different comment.

For example, the latest article on Keyboard Shorts Manager…I can see other comments but cannot do so myself. I don’t see a way to do it on the Android app either.

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Hit ‘shift+s’ to open the Share story input. You’ll see it then.

Thanks for the quick reply, Samuel.

There’s no way to comment without sharing?

Nope, by design. You gotta own your comment, so a share must be attached to it. You can share without commenting though.

Maybe I’m missing something–what’s the difference between my comment and the “Public” comments?

same question as bender, what’s a Public Comment vs a plain Comment? My blurblog is public, but my comments always show up as plain ‘Comments’. Other users comments are sometimes public sometimes plain but I still see them. Whattup?

Public comments are from people you don’t follow.

there’s an ongoing discussion of exactly the comment-vs-share distinction here:…

Thanks for posting that. Hopefully this will get resolved soon, I few it as a bug. Commenting on an article doesn’t mean I want to share it.

Oh, that definitely won’t be supported. The debate is whether you can reply to a share that has no comment. I do not believe you should be able to comment publicly on an article without sharing it. It’s your way of owning your comment. Private notes I may consider, but not for a bit.

hmmm… this is embarrassing, but the distinction escapes me. the title of the topic i shared is “Allow comments on shared items with no comments,” which is almost word-for-word what you just said the debate is: “whether you can reply to a share that has no comment.” can you please elaborate? because now i’m not sure what “definitely won’t be supported” and what is still being debated.

it’s hard for me to tell if you quite understand why so many users share articles with garbage strings like “//” or “.” or “blah.” ardent perfectly describes what i see as the fundamental disconnect here. you had originally said you wanted to implement that, but the biggest impediment was figuring out how to support that in the UI. there was discussion on that matter, then silence, then “that definitely won’t be supported.” if somebody stepped up and volunteered to help you out with that problem so you could focus on the huge mountain of work that’s already on your plate, would you accept that help?

I was referring to commenting without sharing. You would be leaving a comment but the story isn’t shared. That’s not going to be supported. If I can figure out a way to allow people to reply to comment-less shares, then I’ll gladly put that in. But I haven’t figured out how the UI will look, and this has been discussed in the other thread.