How to change credit card without losing original $12 premium pricing

Hi there,

I had to get a reissued card number for the credit card I’ve had on file with Newsblur since early 2013. When I go to update the card number, it appears to force me to select the $24 premium plan even though I’m on an original $12 premium account.

Can I update my credit card number without losing my current $12 premium account?


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I expected all of the $12 accounts to eventually migrate over to the $24 premiums. That’s the new price and it won’t be changing anytime soon. NewsBlur costs too much to run to keep the $12 premium account around.

Do I need to wait until next March to update the credit card number? The “Change my Credit Card” window says it won’t charge until the renewal date, but everything else on that screen seems to suggest it’s placing a new order.