How to add Gmail Inbox / label RSS feed in Newsblur

How to add Gmail Inbox / label RSS feed in Newsblur



Anybody have any ideas here? The page Sumit linked mentions the address, which resolves to…. That’s all well and good for the browser, but not NB.

Does HTTP basic auth work?…

Documentation only mentions OAuth 2.0, but says that is the “preferred method”. It’s possible basic auth will work, but I doubt it.

I remember back in 2007 you could generate a special URL for a specific tag/mailbox in Gmail, which I used to read mail in Google Reader when GMail was blocked on company networks. I don’t think that exists anymore.

I can’t seem to get it to work with basic auth either. Hmm…

That’s kind of ridiculous that I need to authenticate with OAuth just to use the endpoints. It’s possible to make this work with IFTTT, which has the OAuth built in for Gmail.

IFTTT can do this, kinda - it can save a story based on a new email, but that’s far from ideal for this task. There has to be a better way.

Another way would be to use a third service to create an RSS feed that can then be used by NewsBlur. It looks like you could create (and publicly share) an Evernote notebook that gets new emails added as entries. Then you can subscribe to the public Evernote URL with “/feed” added.

I don’t think having something as private as email “publically shared” would be a great idea, honestly.