How to add a feed URL?

I’m a little confused as to how to add a feed to my list. I can find a way to search for feeds, but I know the feed URL (…) and thought I could just enter that. Apparently I’m stuck in the old greader mindset. Searching for the site or the direct feed link both don’t reveal the site I’m trying to add.

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I had trouble finding this too: way down in the lower left corner, there is a + sign. It’s kind of grey, which is why I didn’t notice it. Click that and add your url. You can even pick a category for it without a separate editing step.

O my, that WAS simple. I should have just been thinking like a Mac.
Thanks for your quick and helpful response.

Now I’m tempted to go back to the android app and see if it was actually possible from there, which is where I started.
Thanks again,