How often are feeds parsing (updateing)?

A bit more info that might help:

The NewsBlur URL for the example above is:…

Your mention of push updating rings a bell - it looks like the “problem” feeds have push enabled but it doesn’t seem to be receiving any pushed updates. (Until now I didn’t even know what that was supposed to do!)

I posted another example previously in this thread:…

It’s not a matter of what the feed is allowing, it is a matter of what newsblur is attempting.

Is news blur attempting to retrieve feeds as stated in Samuel’s post?

Check the bottom of Statistics for the “Push” section. It will show you both the actual push times and the push expires (how long the website has told NewsBlur the Push lease should live on for).

Insta-fetching a feed forces it to re-subscribe to the push notifications. But check that push expires date. It should bump up when you insta-fetch, but the website is probably misconfigured if they claimed a certain date and aren’t fulfilling it.

On the feed above, the Statistics box shows this:

Feed Push
Nothing recorded.
Push expires
2013-09-11 16:54:35

“Nothing recorded” sounds to me like push updates aren’t working.

That feed currently has a new item in the RSS feed but it won’t show up for another 29 hours, according to the Statistics box. (Unless I get impatient and insta-fetch it before then.)

Why must it only update this feed every 72 to 90 hours instead of a more reasonable schedule like other feeds? I guess I’m asking NewsBlur to not be so lazy when push updates are enabled, since they seem not to work on some sites.

You’re right, I should check to see if there’s a push history before a feed goes into real-time delayed fetch mode.

Excellent idea. I have now deployed it. If you insta-fetch the feed (to set the next scheduled update time) and then go to Statistics you should see it is much, much faster. I just checked and it went down to every half hour.

Yes, it looks like a couple of other “slow” feeds have gone to a faster schedule too. Thanks for the fix!

Wow your ignorance really is impressive.

But what if, as John said, there isn’t a push?

You didn’t invest in NewsBlur, you paid for a service. If a feed has regular updates, even if it has a single subscriber, it should be updating multiple times a day. Even better if it has push enabled, in which case new stories will be fetched instantaneously (with a delay of around a few seconds). Like I stated above, if the feed is not fetching as often as you think it should, check Statistics for the reason why.