how long does it take to request for refund?

i requested for a refund by email to 2 days ago and its still not been process… how long does it usually take? i know you guys are busy… I just want to follow up.
thank you…

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I clean out my inbox every week. I try to process refunds immediately, but sometimes I let them pile up because, well it should be obvious, but I try to please my users first (see @newsblursupport for some incredible response times).

I’ll process it early next week.

no worries… thanks for quick response… I tried to like the service its just that I gotten so used with feedly… Ill try to give it a few more try to see if I can change my mind. thanks again

hi… so I gave it a few more shots and unfortunately its not working for me. I can still request for that refund? thanks

Hi… I just want to follow up on this request… thanks

I’m working on emails this week, since I’m going out of town next week. It’s a refund, it’ll happen soon.

word to the wise. Process refunds faster than anything - may bring people back, may just leave a good feeling so they talk nicely about you…

This week in particular is harsh because I’m preparing for Burning Man next week. But I leave refunded accounts as premium for the next year, just in case users want to keep using NewsBlur. And if in a year they are still using it, they will be prompted to pay. Anyway, I just processed a batch and your’s should be in by now.