How long do you allow before calling a "Timeout"?

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This feed has regular updates, 5 posts in July and 1 so far in August. I have attached an image of the statistics.

These statistics indicate that perhaps the timeout is being called before the website has had a chance to respond?

Note that the “last update” was done by me manually fetching the content, but it still replied that there was no new content.

The feed was pulling OK up until the beginning of July, so it seems that you might have altered your program around that time and shortened the timeout interval?

In the image here you can see that I have had no new content in since June, even though the last image shows the feed with more recent content.

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The RSS has 3.4mb of images in it, there have been issues reported here before for massively oversized feeds.

Is there a way that I can pull the content without the images? Although, not being able to pull all of the feed content does seem to defeat the purpose.

I have just pulled this feed in feedspot, and had no issue with the images. It pulled about 8 articles that newsblur never fetched. Why is that?

Newsblur still has not pulled this feed. Is there any change to my settings that can be made to allow me to retrieve it?

Other feed readers are pulling it, unfortunately they are not my first choice, whereas newsblur is.

The last pull was 1st July, after which time something in newsblur must have changed so that it now times-out. Prior to 1 July it was successful. There have been numerous articles posted in July and August, none of those have been retrieved.

The link gives a 404 error.
On webpage the RSS and Atom link give a 500 error, there must be some problem on the server side.

Looks like they have updated their site. I found a new feed link which appears to be pulling ok.