How do I un-save all stories for a given feed?

I have hundreds of items saved for a given feed, and I’ve realized that I’ll never go back and read them all. Hitting j s repeatedly sucks, and is taking forever; is there a way to mark all of a stories for a given feed as un-saved?

Well, my recommendation would have been to use j s, since it doesn’t take all that long to clear hundreds of entries. (I recommend switching to List mode if you do this, as it will perform way better than using Full or Split view).

If that still doesn’t work, you can always delete all of your saved stories (Manage > Account).

And finally, barring all that, if you want I’d be happy to run a custom DB query that does the job, but I’ll need two things: your username and the feed. Ideally you’d provide the feed in the url when you open the feed in your web browser.

Eh, j s is still going to take me… awhile. It would be nice if this mass-unsave-feed capability was built into the product.

Don’t worry about the DB query, I’ll just grab a drink and mash buttons for awhile while watching a video or something.