How do I turn off the story title panes?

What happened to the feature to turn off the story title panes? It was an option for a brief time but today mine have appeared again and there is no longer an option to remove them?


You have it on list mode. Change it to Full and it should disappear.

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Yep, that’s what the new Full view is for. I found that too many people were going through the trouble of finding that preference, which effectively negated the story titles pane which still got in the way. So I figured out all the hooks for correctly removing the dependency on the story titles pane. The new Full view has the feed title bar inside, as well as proper paging. There might be some bugs hanging around, but now I can target the Full view explicitly.

My story titles pane turned on today after I hit some random keys on my keyboard by accident. Now I can’t turn it off. Please help, it’s such a waste of pixels on my screen.