How do I select a top-level folder on Android?

I assume I must be missing something fairly obvious here, but on the Android app I have not found a way to select a top-level folder that only contains other folders. In my case, I have one folder for videos and another folder for text items, which contains multiple subfolders. Sometimes I’m in a situation where I can’t or won’t be watching any videos and so instead of selecting All Stories -view I’d like to select the top-level folder with my text-based feeds in it. As it is, I either have to go through All Stories and skip all the videos to save them for later, or go through the text folders one by one, which is not ideal.

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Are we talking about nested folders?  Due to screen space constraints, the Android app flattens things down, so you can see the heirarchy represented in the names of the subfolders but we can still fit everything on a tiny screen.  You should still be able to tap on the encosing folder and see everything within it and contained folders.

I think the parent folder doesn’t appear unless it has any unreads directly within it, to save space.  If a folder containing nothing but other folders is a use case, I’ll definitely look into changing that!  In the meantime, try switching over to ALL mode and the parent folder should show up.

Yes, I believe nested folders is the term I was looking for, my apologies. Even in All mode the parent folder doesn’t show up, unfortunately.