How do I save as OPML, not as XML, which is now the default?

Hi, I like Newsblur. It’s my main reader. I migrated from Feeddemon a year ago. To do the migration, I downloaded all my feeds as an OPML file, and then uploaded to Newsblur. It was simple. When I was on Feeddemon, I used to regularly download and save an OPML file. Having the ability to save a backup copy important, since I have more than 1000 feeds.

But regarding Newsblur: The preferences menu offers me the option of “download OPML” but what I get, instead, is an XML file. This file can’t be uploaded as an OPML file. So, how do I save a copy of my feeds as an OPML file that will be universally recognized by any feed reader?

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“This file can’t be uploaded as an OPML file.”

What do you mean? The file you download is an OPML file, it’s just given an “xml” extension. OPML is a format based on XML. Whatever service you’re trying to use is apparently being dumb and not allowing you to upload the file with the “xml” extension. You could try renaming the extension to “opml” and see if that works.

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Kevin is correct, that is an OPML file, and should be recognized by any other reader as a proper OPML file. It’s just saved with a .xml extension because OPML is a format based on XML.