How do I remove the "all shared items" and "______'s Blurblog" from the sidebar?

I shared an item as a test (to see if I could share to Facebook from the ‘share’ option). I then deleted the shared item.

I now have an “All Shared Items” entry on my sidebar, as well as a “Mike’s Blurblog” entry beneath it.

I’d like to remove those items. Is that possible?


I did the same exact thing and was curious about this as well.  2 years have passed on this question and I couldn’t find any other posts regarding this.

You can collapse the shared stories list so you only see the top most item. After that, it’s a single item that you may choose to use someday. But unless many people voice their concern, I’m not going to add a preference to hide a great source of news discovery.

I would also like to remove my own Blurblog from the sidebar. I don’t use this feature, but since I “shared” a story by accident it’s always there. I already removed the shared story, but it didn’t help.

Just to add to this. The “Shared Stories” counter, on the front/home page, does not go down when a shared story is removed. It would be nice if this number reflected the current shared stories, and not all time shared stories.

You could use the Stylish extension, and add a stylesheet.

One like this will remove your own shared stories from sidebar:

.NB-feed-social.NB-feed-self-blurblog.NB-toplevel { display: none; }

This one will remove all the shared stories section from sidebar:

.NB-feeds-header-container.NB-feeds-header-river-container.NB-feeds-header-river-blurblogs-container, .NB-socialfeeds-folder { display: none; }

Today the Blurblog entry went away, it seems removing all shared stories worked after all.