How do I remove a shared story from my blurblog?

Is there any way to remove a shared story from my blurblog? I shared one just testing out how it works, and I don’t really want it out there permanently.

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If you click the share button again, you’ll get an option to delete the post from your shared list.

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Okay, but I had read it and left Newsblur, so it’s hard to get back to the original story. It would be nice to have an unshare button in the blurblog itself.

You can still do it from the blurblog - either the share controls at the bottom of the post, or the share option from the dropdown on the post in the feed listing

I must be missing something. I don’t see the share controls on the blurblog post or a dropdown there. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

Oohhhh, you’re on the blurblog itself. That explains it. You’ll need to go into your shared section of Newsblur to remove it

(i never actually use the blurblog webpage itself, just the feeds in Newsblur, which is why I was confused)

sorry, this is not working for me to remove a blurblog post. I do not see a “shared section of newsblur” anywhere. can you be more specific on where this is located?