How do I import my feeds from Feedly?

I can’t believe there are no instructions anywhere on how to import feeds from Feedly. Am I missing them? thanks

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Use OPML export from Feedly and then use OPML import in NewsBlur. I wish I could build an automatic import using the Feedly API, but for obvious reasons they haven’t given me an API key.

I tried this and it doesn’t work properly. The feed names appear on the left bar, but no actual feeds come through. When I check settings, both the RSS/XML URL and the Website URL are hosed with extra characters. Here is an example, the incorrect settings first, and then what they should be:………

Is there a way to import correctly, so that I don’t have to manual enter or correct all of the feeds? Thanks.

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If you open the OPML file exported from Feedly on Notepad, are the URLs correct? If they are incorrect like the first examples, the problem is with Feedly’s export routine, and you’ll probably want to get in contact with them to fix that. Considering how the URLs are being displayed, that would be my guess of the cause.

The URLs look correct in the OPML file. (I don’t know anything about OPML files, but when I look at the URLs, they appear to be correct without the extra characters.) Here is the line of the file addressing the example I posted above:

The example didn’t display because of the HTML. Trying again.

<outline text="Wallyhood" htmlurl=" &lt;;" title="Wallyhood" type="rss" xmlurl="—Wallyhood &lt;;"></outline>   

That’s what I mean. See for example the urls you first linked, which you can open correctly on a browser: ```   
Then compare that with the complete urls you see on that string, between each pair of quotation marks   
``` \<\>—Wallyhood \<\> ```   
That is why you are having problems, the urls being exported to the OPML file have escaped HTML characters, invalid characters like em dashes (—), and all of that can't be read correctly.   
I don't know if there's anything that Samuel can do to interpret those correctly, so I would take this to Feedly's support.

OK, I agree on the presence of the < >, and — characters. I don’t expect to get any support from Feedly, that is the reason I’m trying to migrate to a new reader. If I could find out the correct format for the ```

 elements, then I could probably modify the OPML file myself, using find and replace. I tried replacing the &lt; and &gt; with &lt; and &gt; respectively, but that didn't work. (not sure what would replace "—" if it's not needed) All of my feeds came through as folders (with no feed address.)</outline>

Samuel, this seems like a fairly important deal for Newsblur if you are going to compete with Feedly and welcome Feedly users.

May I suggest that you create a simple, clear instruction page? Or did I just miss it? If these geeks below are having such a hard time, how do you think the bigger segment of schlubs like me are going to do it without giving up?