How do I import Google Reader saved stories?

Not sure if this is possible but I’d love to have Newsblur parse the json from Google checkout for starred, liked and shared content into newsblur saved bookmarks or into the blurblog.


So this is completely built, I just don’t have anywhere in the interface to put it. What’s your username? I’d be happy to grab up to 1,000 stories.

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My username on newsblur is TNLNYC. Maybe you should include it in the migration script for people just joining in :slight_smile:

This would be nice to have. I have like a ton of saved things in Google Reader (3k articles or so)

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I do, but only for the first 10 stories. It’s a ton of work to get more.

Did you import using Google Reader? It’s not showing any stories for you.

The import from Google reader would not come in so I ended up loading up the OPML file manually (from Google checkout). Do you want me to redo it via the standard process?

Would you mind pulling in my old Reader starred items? Newsblur username is hawkrives. Thanks!

Please add me to the list of people who want all starred stories from Google imported. User name is: charliecato


Please add me to the list as well. My username is sydlexius.

I concur with all my fellows above! Username: impextoo

(With the Google Reader diaspora, you could make this a feature of the premium membership!)

I posted an article this morning about importing my shared items (which I have 1,000s I believe). I would LOVE this feature (or if you could do it for me that would be great :)).

My username is: BiG_E_DuB

I’d love to have my Google Reader starred stories as well. Username: novaktually.

I’ve definitely seen people looking for this when finding a new home as part of the GR exodus. This would be another great differentiator for newsblur, you should try and find a place for it on the account screen!

It seems like this is an in-demand service. If you added it to “Goodies”, I’ll bet power users would be endlessly thankful.

And if you’re still doing it, my username: tonys

I’d love to have this too - user id is matsleight

But if you could do mine, then it’d be great :slight_smile: user: nealkemp

Also would like this, I only have a couple of hundred. User: disposition5

I want this too. I almost gave up on bringing the starred stories from my old GReader account, but if this is possible, I would be eternally grateful. User: afita.

Think this will get solved before Reader disappears?