How do I get to the oldest unread message?

Is there any way to navigate to the oldest unread message? ‘n’ brings me to the newest one but this behaviour is no fun for feeds where chronology is important (eg narrative, comics, multi-part news series)

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It’s not an easy UI to be able to make this happen, but I did anticipate this need. So I made the ‘n’ key (really, the Next Unread button) work backwards when there are no stories below. So what you *could* do is just scroll the story pane and then when you reach the oldest unread story, click on it, then click ‘next’ and it will travel up one-by-one (instead of jumping to the newest story and moving down).

It’s pretty clever and not all that obvious, but once you know the trick, it becomes pretty easy to remember. Let me know if that works out for you.

This works great. Thanks!