How do I get stories to open in a new tab in Safari?

Recently switched from Chrome to Safari, for battery life reasons, on my new MacBook Pro. Running the latest version of Mac OS X (macOS), using the latest version of Safari, and when I click “V” on my keyboard, it opens the story I’m viewing in the same tab instead of a new tab.

How do I fix this?

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Apple broke this functionality (intentionally I think) in Safari 10. I wrote a Safari extension to restore it —  I’m trying to get Apple to approve it for the Safari Extensions Gallery (have been a bit busy interviewing) but you can download and install it yourself in the meantime.

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Hi, Stefan.

I accidentally found a way to keep this dynamic working: just pin the Newsblur tab. The item will open in a new tab when you hit V. It’ll look like it won’t, though, but it eventually will, a few moments later. Weird, but works.


Just pushed out a fix for this so that the Text tab works with background tabs.