How do I configure Firefox to send new feeds to Newsblur?

I have a new account with Newsblur with about 30 feeds. When I find a new feed I want to subscribe to at Newsblur, I click the RSS icon and it directs me to a Google page where it gives me the choice of subscribing to via Google Reader or adding it to my home page.

How can I drive these new feeds into Newsblur? I have no trouble manually adding a feed by copying and pasting the URL of the feed at the Newsblur site but there must be a simpler way.


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Go to “Manage Newsblur”, then “Goodies”, “Register Newsblur as an RSS Reader - Add to Firefox” - done (-:


Just what I was looking to do. I tried it and it works.


My pleasure - had exactely the same problem a month ago which drove me crazy, looking for a solution inside of FF for almost an hour… (-;