How do I close an open story?

Hi! I’m just switching over from Google Reader. The way I’d like to read is to scroll through a big list of titles. When I see one that might be interesting, I open it. If it dull, I want to close it right away and keep scrolling. Otherwise, I read to the end, close that, and scroll down again. In Google reader, I do that with O to toggle stories open and closed, and N and P to scroll.

With NewsBlur, the closest I’ve come is to set it to “feed” and “list”, and then scroll with the mouse wheel and click to open. (Arrow, J, and N all seem to open stories, not just move the focus.) But clicking to close is a pain, because the part I can click on moves, and can easily scroll off the top.

Is there some key that lets me close the story I have open?


Good news, I just launched an update that gives you new keyboard shortcuts. ‘x’ collapsed and re-expands stories. Shift+x will expand a truncated story. Enjoy!


Fab! Great to hear. Is there any keyboard way to move around in the list without opening items? Or am I stuck with the mouse for now?

i have made this very feature request! please add your voice to it here:…