How do I change the iPad portrait view so that the story list is back on the side instead of at the bottom?

I accidentally changed the portrait view on iPad so that the stories are at the bottom. How do I undo this? I’d like to be able to change it back and forth but I can’t figure out how.

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Just drag it down.

don’t get this, I’m afraid. The stories are on the bottom of the screen in portrait view, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of moving it.

Phillip: if the stories are on the bottom of the screen, you can drag the divider (between the story you are reading and the list of stories) down to the bottom of the screen. It will disappear from the bottom and appear on the side. You can drag the divider at the bottom back up and the list will reappear on the bottom.

Thanks Samuel for the help!

thank you–this significantly lowers my blood pressure and improves my well being.