How do I add a feed by URL?

I want to add this feed…

But when I search for it in the home page, some other Guardian RSS feed pops up and doesn’t let me add it. Can’t I add a feed purely by URL?


I assume you are using the plus in the lower left-hand side of the web browser window.

If you put your feed in, and you get the pop-up, (I replicated your attempt), just click “Add Site” rather than clicking on the suggested feed that pops up.

If you click on the suggested feed, then when you click on the button, the suggested feed will be subscribed, rather than the one you typed in.

The suggestion simply helps you to find feeds that others are using, so that NewsBlur is more likely to fetch your feed often, and balance that with the other demands placed on the server.

Oh good, I hadn’t even noticed the plus at the bottom left, I was using the widget on the home page. Sorted, thanks