How come I only see 10 feeds from my import using the free version, rather than 64 as described on the homepage for free accounts?

As above, I read on the main page that up to 64 feeds are available with the free account, but I only see 10 listed in my feeds.

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You probably imported from an account with only 10 feeds.

I imported from Google Reader with over 300 feeds. “356 SITES” is listed under “Free Account”.

Manage > Choose Your 64. Do you see all of your feeds there?

I don’t see Manage but if I click the cog beside the welcome message at the top right corner, then CHOOSE YOUR 64 SITES, yes they are listed, and more than 10 are set to ON. However, I don’t see sites listed under ALL SITE STORIES for many of those feeds, despite that I know they’ve been updated recently. Also, the title of the newsblur page is “(65/10) NewsBlur”.