How Can I Post to Different Sites and Blogs with IFTTT and Newsblur ??!!!!


I want to know How Can I add RSS Contents from Newsblur as a post or articles to various other websites…via IFTTT feature ?!!

I have created a special IFTTT Account for Newsblur and My Website…I can successfully post via IFTTT…to my Facebook Pages…But I want to replicate the complete system for my couple of other Websites too…!!!

Now How can I do that…?!!

IFTTT has two options 1. New Saved Story 2. New Shared Story…

so Now Newsblurr by default saves my Saved Story to One Blog…My Current Site is on Hollywood/Music/Fashion niche…and Now I also have one Health Website…so Now How can I create IFTTT automation for that site ?!!

As Both the niches are two different and My Saved Story and Shared Story only goes to One By Default Blog of Newsblurr…please Help me…How to do it…

so in simple words how to exploit rss feeds from Health niche which get posted to health niche Website…

As I have learnt about creating folders for sites and adding RSS Feeds to those which is really easy…but how can I use Newsblur with more sophistication


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You may have to sign up for a second NewsBlur account for the health blog.

IFTTT also looks like it supports filtering your saved stories by the tags - so you could tag certain saved stories as Fashion, and other ones as Health, and have them go to different blogs.