How can I delete multiple feeds in one shot?

I just imported my Google Reader feeds, but want to delete a bunch of them. It’s tedious to do them one at a time by right-clicking, choosing delete option, then confirming the delete. I’d like to multi-select a bunch and delete them all at once.

Is there some way to do this?

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What I did was clean up my feeds using google reader, then imported the OPML file into newsblur.

Still tedious, but *MUCH* easier.

Export the OMPL, delete the feeds you don’t want from it, delete all the feeds in your NewsBlur account, and import the modified OMPL.

Not the most straightforward way, but should work.

Importing a new OPML file did not delete the current entries - so it made a bit more of a mess. *But* - I found an option in the settings to delete all of my entries. This worked fine - then importing the OPML was happy.

Thanks @jenbooks and @DavidSev for taking the time to offer your helpful ideas.

Where is that elusive option to delete all feeds??

I deleted all of my Android feeds this morning by deleting the folder they were in. Is there an easy way to move a bunch of feeds to a folder?

I deleted all of my feeds a while back, I think it moved around since I came back to NewsBlur. Try Preferences > Account. You should see options there to remove all of your feeds.

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This is a key feature :wink:

Thanks Samuel - this would be very useful.
Offline clients (I use ReadKit) are also useful for moving feeds around in and out of folders.

Still hoping for this. Importing my feeds in from left me with duplicates. (Apparently every feed is both in “All Feeds” and it’s “tag drawer” from there.)

I only have a few “untagged” feeds that I want to keep, but I can’t grab all the feeds I want to delete.

Yeah, it’s been sidelined since it was taking too long to build. Right-click on the feed and delete it from there. Shouldn’t take too long, since you only have to do it once. But I agree, it would be nice to select a checkbox and then mass delete/move.

Can you delete a feed using a mobile device?

I’m building a batch organizer soon that will allow you to move and delete feeds and folders easily.