(how) can I adjust the feed reading timeout?

(how) can I adjust the feed reading timeout?
Does this happen to be a paid feature?
I am asking because I am using some rather exotic feeds that are being fetched via yahoo pipes and through anon proxies to circumvent certain restrictions. The problem is that although the feed does work pretty well directly in the browser, it does not do so in newsblur, probably because of the fact that fetching the feed often takes 30-90 seconds to complete.

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What’s the feed? Also, you can see how often a feed gets fetched by right-clicking on it and going to Statistics. It will show you the difference between a free standard account and a premium account.

I’d rather not post the feed address in public because doing so invalidated earlier versions once people started using it in greater numbers. Can I send you a URL directly somehow?

Sure! samuel@ofbrooklyn.com

You have mail :wink:


I don’t want to annoy, I’d just like to ask if you got my mail :slight_smile:

Yup, got the email and just had a chance to test out the feed. Looks like it works OK on my end. I was able to add it and it’s current.

It’s being updated regularly, but it’s timing out in the background feed fetch process:

2012-04-17 19:07:40
OK (200)
2012-04-12 09:26:38
Timeout (505)
2012-04-11 14:05:59
Timeout (505)
2012-04-08 13:35:37
Timeout (505)
2012-04-06 14:19:55
Timeout (505)

That’s a problem. If the feed is taking > 30 seconds, it can’t be added to NewsBlur. If there is some support around this, I can potentially allow some feeds to take up to 5 minutes to fetch (which is crazy, since 99% of all feeds take less than 5 seconds in total). But I’d have to enable that by hand, as well as change a significant portion of code to allow variable-length timeouts.

Thats what I initially expected. Too bad it aint easy to fix. I have some more “piped” feeds but did not add them yet because of the problem. You sure dont need to spend hours on this, I’ll just look for another reader that can cope with it. Nothing personal, of course. I appreciate your effort and will check back regularly

With this “regular” feed, the time-out occurres on my computer using NewsBlur, but the feed works in a regular browser:

Maybe the standard time-out could be longer?

I still can’t access the feed of Advanced Functional Materials Journal. Probably I have a slow internet connection at my university. Any chance you could increase the time out for fetching feeds please?

Here is the link which works fine in the browser: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/rss/jo…

Cheers, Kurt

I’m having this problem also, mostly with certain Blogspot feeds. They load fine - and quickly - if I try to load the feed URL in the browser, but in the vast majority of cases NewsBlur times out while trying to fetch the feed from the same URL. One example that reproduces this behavior reliably for me is: http://teeritz.blogspot.com/feeds/pos…