How are feeds sorted?

How can I get my feed stories to display exactly as shown on the feed address, instead they seem randomly sorted, what is the sorting methodology? Thanks.

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Alphabetically or by most used. You can choose in Manage > Preferences.

I have a RSS address, when I look at the address site in a browser I can see the stories in XML format, they are in order, when I put the RSS address into the reader, the stories get sorted differently, I cannot figure out the sort method, it seems random. For example, this RSS has an order for stories and that story order is not maintained when in reader:…

It’s by date order. You can change it to oldest or newest first, but date rules on stories.

And if the stories have no dates or all the dates/times are the same, what is the data piece it uses to sort? It seems it does not sort by title or link, I can’t find the sort pattern. For example, try and please tell how it sorts:…

The date becomes the datetime the story was first fetched on.